'Alchemy' Solo presentation by COADY

Coady's latest exhibition, Alchemy, is an exploration of the power and
fragility of the human mind.
Through bold colours and expressive brushstrokes, Coady invites the viewer to enter a world of abstract figurative images and unexplored landscapes.
Each painting is a journey into the depths of the psyche, a visual representation of the
emotional highs and lows that we experience on a daily basis. In addition to Coady's  paintings, her wall sculptures feature larger-than-life pill replicas in vivid colours. These sculptures reference the role that medication can play in navigating our emotional state of mind, and serve as a reminder of both the power and limitations of modern medicine.
At the heart of Coady's work is a belief in the importance of self-acceptance and an ability to find beauty and joy in the complexities of contemporary existence.
"Through my art, I aim to capture the rich tapestry of human emotions, and to inspire viewers to look beyond the conventional understanding of what we know the world to be and bring to life what we imagine it can be. Ultimately, Alchemy is a celebration of the human spirit, a visual journey into the transformative power of the mind and the enduring strength of the human soul. It is my hope that viewers will leave the exhibition feeling inspired, uplifted, and empowered to embrace the full spectrum of their emotional experiences." 
April 8, 2023