“Over years of experimental exploration, I have pushed the boundaries of conceptual inquiry and embraced new technologies, leading to the creation of seemingly disparate bodies of work. However, beneath the surface, there exist enduring themes that unify my artistic endeavors.


My art revolves around the notions of bodily control, experiences of detachment and augmentation, and the seductive allure of pharmaceutical solutions promising to alter our emotions and behaviors with a mere pill. These themes probe the complexities of our relationship with our bodies and the tension between societal expectations and our innate selves.


Through my work, I aim to confront the dichotomy between our instinctual nature and the external forces that seek to manipulate and mold us. I challenge the notion that a quick-fix chemical solution can harmonize our mind and body, often at odds with each other. Instead, I strive for a deeper alignment between the two, recognizing the intricate interplay between our physical and mental states.


Ultimately, my hope is to spark contemplation and dialogue about the fundamental connections between our minds and bodies, inviting viewers to question the prevailing narratives surrounding health, identity, and the pursuit of well-being”