Kate Just

We are so pleased to announce representation of Kate Just.


Kate Just is an American born, Australian artist best known for her engaging and political use of knitting, sewing, installation, neon and photography in works that relay her own intimate personal narratives and address significant feminist issues and concerns.


Kate has recently been making an incredible body of work, Anonymous Was a Woman.

 Anonymous Was a Woman began on Kate's residency at Art Omi in New York (2019) on June 10, 2019 (her 45th birthday) and has continued to 2020. This year long work involves the repetition of hand knitted panels (16 x 16 inch) which bear the text ‘Anonymous Was A Woman.’  Stretched around canvas, each differently coloured work resembles a textile plaque. Through this work, Kate explains,  I am meditating upon the immeasurable contributions that women have made to culture and society, and mourning the losses sustained by the erasure or exclusion of many of these gifts from the canon of art history' .

July 23, 2020