Kate Baker's Exhibition 'Beyond the Material: at the Intersection of Glass and the Digital Image.'

Beyond the Material: At the Intersection of Glass and the Digital Image is a practice-led research that investigates new modalities of artistic practice in which digital images are realised as activated objects and immersive installations in glass. Following two paralled lines of research inquiry: one image-led and the other form-led, I examine new ways glass can intersect with digital images to extend our understanding of their interdisciplinary potential.
Commencing with the deconstruction of my existing studio practice, this research charts the journey of reconfiguring it anew with a more expansive interdisciplinary approach to the intersection of glass and the digital image, embodied by their shared activation of light, space and time. 
The exhibition takes place at the Australian National University in Canberra, 10 February to 23 March 2023. 
March 29, 2023