FIN at Sydney Contemporary

In Finkelstein Gallery’s exhibition for Sydney Contemporary 2022, bright pops of colour and bold compositions disrupt the white cube aesthetics while the distinctively feminist agenda disrupts the male-dominated art canon. Featuring artists Cigdem Aydemir, Marta Figueiredo, Alexandra Obarzanek, Rebecca Hazard, COADY, Glennys Briggs, Kate Baker, and Dagmar Cyrulla, each takes a political, social, or psychological stance in their practice that juxtaposes the lush aesthetics.

Balancing aesthetics with political stances, each artwork in Finkelstein Gallery’s Sydney Contemporary exhibition holds weight and consideration in society. When viewed together, they present a comprehension snapshot of socio-politics in 2022. However, within them is a sense of beauty and aesthetics that transcends a heaviness; instead, they unite us as human beings, attempting to make sense of each other and the world that surrounds us.
August 31, 2022